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fascoNew Era Electro Service (W.A.) are distributors and warranty / service agents for Fasco Electric Motor products in W.A. We stock an extensive selection of motors and accessories.

The FASCO name originated in Rochester, New York and was originally the cable address of F.A. Smith Co who began producing electric motors for desk fans in 1933.

Fasco Double Shaft Fan Motors

Part No.WattsSpeedEncl. - O/A Length
8061S134-80406P - 3spdT.E. – 610mm
8061S057-8060/904P – 2spdT.E. – 242mm
8061S111-80804P - 2spdT.E. – 458mm
8061S083-801004P – 2spdVented – 493mm
8061S122-801304P – 3spdVented – 450mm
8061S130-801306P – 3spdT.E. – 523mm
8061S004-802006P – 3spdVented – 523mm
8061S019-802504P – 3spdVented – 517mm
8061S109-01290-4254P – 3spdVented – 523mm
8061S082-156004P – 3spdVented – 610mm
8061S082-80Use 61S082-15
8061S128-80Use 8555QVA-A11S
808555QVA-A11S7504P – 3spdVented – 610mm
Motors listed are generally available ex-stock from our Perth Warehouse
Please contact us for prices.

Fasco Single Shaft Fan Motors

Part No.WattsSpeedEncl. – Shaft Length
8061S059-801506PT.E. – 62.5mm
808557KTB-A111506PT.E. – 62.5mm
8061S059-041506P – 3spdT.E. – 62.5mm
8061S072-801804PT.E. – 70mm
808554LTB-A801804PT.E. – 70mm
8061S004-062006P – 3spdVented – 100mm
808556MTA-A142406PT.E. – 110mm
8061S009-062506PT.E. – 79.5mm
8061S137-80250/3006PT.E. – 73.5mm
8061S118-023006P – 2spdT.E. – 62mm
8061S109-03315/4254P – 3spdVented – 100mm
808555NVA-A13315/4254P – 3spdVented – 100mm
80855BNVA-A123154P – VSVented – 119mm
8061S120-803706PT.E. – 70mm
808557NTA-A113706P – 3spdT.E. – 101mm
808557NVB-B114506P – 2spdVented – 57.6mm
8061S082-036004P – 3spdVented – 100mm
8061S161-016004P – VSRVented – 101mm
80855BPVA-A116004P – VSVented – 100.5mm
80855BPVC-A116004P – VSVented – 101mm
8061S125-02Use 80855BQVA-A18
8061S125-03Use 80855BQVA-A18 *Modification Reqd
8061S125-047504P – VSVented – 101mm
8061S128-02Use 8061S128-06
8061S128-067504P – 3spdVented – 100mm
80855BQVA-A13Use 80855BQVA-A18
80855BQVA-A147504P – VSVented – 100mm
80855BQVA-A187504P – VSRVented – 100mm
80855BQVA-A257504P – VSVented – 100mm
80855BQVA-A227504P – VSVented – 100mm
80855BQVC-A117504P – VSVented – 101mm
80855BRVA-A139504P – VSVented – 100mm
Motors listed are generally available ex-stock from our Perth Warehouse
Please contact us for prices.

Fasco Three Phase Single Fan Shaft Motors

Part No.WattsSpeedEncl. – Shaft Length
8061S107-021804PObsolete - replacement available
8061S107-801804PT.E. – 72mm
808534LTB-A121804PT.E. – 72mm
8061S124-802506PT.E. – 74mm
808536MTB-A112506PT.E. – 74mm
8061S121-803706PT.E. – 60mm
Motors listed are generally available ex-stock from our Perth Warehouse
Please contact us for prices.s

FASCO Asia Pacific

FASCO Asia Pacific has manufacturing facilities in Australia ( FASCO Australia ) and in Thailand ( FASCO Motors Thailand ) and is the market leader in specialty electric motors in the region.

FASCO Asia Pacific produces single and three phase motors, with outputs between 2 watts and 3,800 watts, in frame sizes including “C” frame skeleton, NEMA 32, 42, 48, 56 & 66 frames – allowing you selection of the best motor for the application.
Don’t compromise – choose a FASCO motor!
Fasco continues to develop and launch products that meet the requirements of their customers and the ever-changing marketplaces. By listening to customers and combining this knowledge with their core expertise in key motor technologies, they continue to create customized solutions for your applications. Their full-service design, development and testing teams have enhanced their ability to serve customers and fulfilled the goal of becoming one of the leading custom designers of fractional horsepower motors, and blowers.

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