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Motorised Pulleys

Rulmeca Motorised PulleysNew Era Electro Service now has a new partnership with Rulmeca Motorised Pulleys and they stock a large range of products.

Motorized Pulleys mainly used for Bulk Handling

  • Product sizes – 220M/H, 320L/H, 400L/H, 500M/H, 630M/H, 800H to 1000HD.
  • Power Range – 0.75kW to 250kW,
  • Diameter 220 to 1000mm,
  • Speed range 0.13 to 9.5m/sec

Motorized Pulleys mainly used for light duty bulk & unit Handling

  • Product sizes – 138E, 165E, 216M/H
  • Power Range – 0.10kW to 1.5kW,
  • Diameter 138 to 216mm,
  • Speed range 0.16 to 2.5m/sec

Why use Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys?

  • RMP compact hermetic sealed design, space saving
  • Dust cannot effect the the AC-motor
  • Less parts
  • Less maintenance
  • High efficiency:
    • Continuous oil cooling system
    • Highly efficient spur gear design
    • Constant temperature at full-load

Motorised Pulley Specialists perth

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